Cushion options

We offer many variations in finish, type of cushion and the foam used. Here is some more information to help you decide how you would like to tailor your cushions to your exact requirements but if you don’t see what you need please contact us.

Cushion type

Box cushions

We make made to measure box cushions that are square or rectangular, to your exact measurements.

Shaped cushions

We are able to able to make box style cushions to almost any shape, to fit any space. We have created curved cushions, T-shaped cushions, and many other bespoke shapes. Either provide the measurements or a template. A full size template can be created by cutting a large sheet of paper to the required size, or you could use material – for example an old sheet. This can be sent to us to use to make the shape of the final cushion.

Soft cushions

We can make any size soft cushions, also be known as scatter cushions. We use deep filled, hollow fibre cushion inners.

Cushion finishes

Plain seam

If no extra finishes are required then the seams will look like this.


We can add piping to the seams of your cushions in the same fabric as the cushion itself. This can be added to the top seam only, or both top and bottom seam.

Contrast piping

We can make the piping in a different colour to compliment your chosen colour scheme.

Contrast panels

A variety of panels can be added to the cushion covers. These could panels of a different colour from the same fabric range to provide some contrast, or, if you have a striped fabric it can be effective to include panels of the stripe going in a different direction. You can have panels of a contrast fabric, for example a vinyl cushion cover with suedette panels for comfort.


It is also possible to add topstitch patterns to the covers. These could be double diamond, or parallel lines for example. Or, if you are not having piping it is possible to topstitch the seams with a single line of topstitch, or a double line, one either side of the seam.

Pattern matching

If you have a patterned fabric we can also offer pattern matching. This may be required if you have a cushion that is wider than the fabric and it is necessary to join two pieces of fabric together. Or we can line the pattern so it is uninterrupted for cushions that sit next to each other.


All cushion covers include a zip to allow for easy removal. Box cushions generally have a zip along the back edge and 10cm around each side to allow for relatively easy removal and putting back on without straining the zip or the seams.

Box cushion inners

We offer two types of foam for box cushions plus optional dacron and stockinette:

Firm - high density, firm V38 foam

This is a quality upholstery foam suitable for everyday use. It is available in 2″, 3″, 4″ and 5″
Grade: v38/200
Density: 35 kg per cu/m (Medium /High)
Firmness: 200 Newton’s (Firm)
Colour: Blue
Properties: Flame Retardant, Low Melamine
Rating: “V” Heavy domestic & Contract Grade

Medium - premium reflex 40H foam

This is luxury upholstery foam suitable for everyday use. Particularly suitable and comfortable for sofa beds, for example in campervans. Available in 4″ and 5″.
Grade: R40H/180
Density: 40 kg per cu/m (Medium /High)
Firmness: 180n (Medium Firm)
Colour: Grey
Properties: Flame Retardant, Melamine Free
Rating: “v” Heavy domestic & Contract Grade


Dacron (wadding) can be added on top of the foam to provide a softer layer and create a fuller/plumper feel to foam cushions. If dacron is added it is also recommended to add stockinette to help keep the dacron in place.


Stockinette forms a barrier between foam and cover. This allows for ease of fitting and helps prevent premature wear to the cushion cover. This is highly recommended if you plan to remove the covers from the foam for washing, as it does make it easier to take the covers off and put them back on.


We can ship cushions to anywhere in the UK. Our usual choice of courier is TNT, however, this may vary. Shipping will cost around £40-£60 depending on the size of the cushions. When shipping, first we wrap the cushions in polythene to protect them from rain and dirt, and then in cardboard.

Vehicle upholstery

We also provide a vehicle upholstery service. We can reupholster drivers and passengers single captain seats and passenger double and triple seats as well. Please contact us for a quote. Please note we will require your vehicle, or at least your seats, for a few days whilst we reupholster them.

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